Nursery Ministry

Nursery Ministry Mission Statement

Tugs n' Hugs Nursery is designed and equipped to minister to children from Birth to three years of age. It is our desire at CrossPoint Church Nursery to have a room that is environmentally safe and clean; to establish an atmosphere of love and laughter for young children so they may experience the love of Christ from the volunteers caring for them; to give parents confidence (as best we can on our end) that their precious children are being cared for by loving and trustworthy caregivers and volunteers. We believe every child can experience the wonderful love of God through the nursery ministry.

We desire to minister to the whole being of each child, body, mind, and soul:

  • Body - we provide a clean, secure and caring environment staffed with loving caregivers and volunteers.
  • Mind - we present a Biblical, age-appropriate teaching tailored for each toddler because we believe each "little one" can learn about God. We pray with and for all of our little ones. We strive to promote a Christ-centered atmosphere.
  • Soul - we believe that structure in the program and rules that are implemented and encouraged in the early years help prepare each child's heart to receive Christ as Savior and Lord.

Director's Vision

It is my desire, as Nursery Director, for toddlers and babies to feel loved and accepted by all volunteers that work in the nursery. Yes, we will teach them about the Word of God, but I feel that at this age children receive more ministry by the love, attention and affection they get from everyone in the room. Love speaks volumes to children as it does to adults through a simple hug, gentle correction or distractive diversion, helping with art, or even interacting with the children as they play is a great way to communicate (preach) Christ to infants and toddlers. I believe we can plant seeds through stories, art and creative teaching, but the best way a child will remember church is by the way they were loved, Jesus style.